Friday, December 18, 2015

So Very Thankful

Dearest Family and Friends-----

         We decided that being a blended family of 12 was not unique enough, so we thought it would be fun to send out Thanksgiving wishes, rather than the typical salutation of the season. Gratitude seems to be a dying art, in a world of instant gratification.  Everything and everyone is available with the swipe of your fingertip.  A grateful heart can dispel fear and cause abundance to appear as an Instagram of all that we have, rather than our have-nots.  Taking time to thank someone can change hearts, chase clouds, bring smiles, and lift burdens. Expressing gratitude, could turn social media into a public Pay-It-Forward experience, rather than the typical façade it daily portrays.  Gratitude could change lives for the better, with each “like”, hashtag and post.  The Hirchak Weidmers would like to declare EVERYDAY Thanksgiving --- as we try a little harder to be a little better about sharing our appreciation with those around us.
        2015 will always be remembered as an amazing year of graduates!  On May 1st, Debbie graduated from college and Amber graduated from high school.  We had one graduate from junior high, and one from elementary school while some, graduated from the school of hard knocks.   We no longer have any children that can buy shoes in the children’s department and Karmen is the last one who can legally order from the children’s menu.  Their talents are limitless.  We have been blessed with a writer, a welder, a performer, an Information Technologist, a salesman/gameshow winner (check out Facebook), a nurse, an athlete, a gamer, a goalie, a robotic engineer and an artist.   We are thankful for all of our children, who not only teach us and help us stretch and grow, but who love each other, get excited to see one another, encourage each other, and share thoughts and feelings with one another, sometimes, ALL NIGHT LONG!  And these attributes, we truly cherish in them all. 

        Brian continues to work as an all-star police officer in the canyons.  His office is that of trees and trails, and he definitely loves his “office view”.  He also serves on assignment as part of the Search and Rescue team.   Debbie is working part-time as a Health Clerk for the Provo School District.   She is able to help students with chronic diseases have a positive school experience, she helps those not feeling well or injured during school hours, and she also follows up on screenings and immunizations and improving the overall health of the school, one student at a time.
        A highlight of 2015, was spending a week at Bear Lake as a family and extended family.  There, with all the Weidmer Gang, we were able to sail, swim, chase babies, eat yummy food, spend time with one another, laugh a lot and realize that we should have applied sunscreen more often. 
        We have all spent another year, thoroughly enjoying our new roles as grandparents and aunts and uncles.  It has been remarkable to see the kids immediately love her and look forward to her next visit.  And, “Papa” and “Grammy” (“Mimi” as Addy calls her!) absolutely adore her love and spunk.   I think we have all realized that the room lights up when Addy’s around.  Everyone comes together when Addy’s around.  No one has a desire to argue, complain or even disagree when Addy’s around.  It is no wonder that the Christ child, came to earth, as a baby ------- to light up the world, an icon of love, hope and happiness.  We are excited for more grandchildren, and more opportunities for such love and light.

        We want to tell our parents and extended family, how THANKFULL we are for each of you, for your love, support, examples and generosity.  We could not make it without you.  We are THANKFULL for friends and neighbors that love our children and set magnificent examples of kindness.  And, we are THANKFULL for a baby savior who came into the world, for the Light and Hope of the Holiday season, because of Him.  He doesn’t just make a difference, He IS the difference, of this we are THANKFUL!
Brian, Debbie and Kids

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