Friday, December 7, 2012

Goodbye Stella!!!

Stella is Ashlyn's prize Hyundai Elantra.  They were ALWAYS together!!!  Best friends through and through.  Ashlyn worked hard to pay for Stella herself, and maintain her and pay for her gas and keep her shiny and clean.  Tuesday night, I received a sad phone call.  Ashlyn was in tears as she informed me that she had been in a car accident------ and Stella did not survive.  She was heartbroken!  In between sobs she said there would never be another Stella, and she did not want any other car.  Between sobs, I asked her why another car would not due------Stella was simply a means of transportation, right?  Emotionally, my cute daughter began to list off all of the many events that Stella had taken her to, all of the roadtrips with friends, the sing-offs as they drove and the great talks and experiences that Stella had been a part of.  I told her this was a great life's lesson for many reasons. Besides learning about the importance of auto insurance,  she realized that she must have been surrounded by protecting angels (big, strong ones, no doubt, like Papa Jim) to not have been injured, in a car accident that totaled her car, the week before Finals, at Christmas time!!!  Then, I was overwhelmed with my own emotion, as I assured her that her memories were hers, and would not leave with a car, or a family member, for that matter. The body, mind and heart are SO divinely designed, that we get to keep those memories forever.   Any silver car will remind her of the last minute roadtrip to LA, the beach and to Disneyland.  Any CD player can play Suddenly Seymour and take you back to Acting Up competition.  Any Christmas tree reminds me of 4 small children, waking up Christmas Day, excited and thrilled with the surprises of the holiday season, with a mommy and a daddy.  And, the beautiful coral color will remind us all of  the day that Ashlyn, my sweet daughter began her own eternal family.   So, Stella is gone, Families Change, but the memories are ours forever. And, that is a gift that is ours everyday------ to create what will be remembered. 

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  1. That really was the best car ever...we were so sad when we outgrew it, but we were super happy that it (I guess I should refer to the car as a she, huh?)I mean SHE, went to such a loving home! Stella is a great name! We are so glad that she got to live out her final years in such tender loving care. It sounds like Ashlyn gave the car a such great life! We are sad to hear of the accident, but SO grateful no one was hurt..that is such a miracle. It's true...our memories and love are truly what it's all's all we get to take with us anyway. By the way, this is an awesome, inspirational blog...I love it so much- keep it up. You are so awesome, Debbie. I really admire you so much for SO many reasons. You are one in a billion!!!