Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unto Us a Son is Given

The most remarkable, life-altering , family change, we have experienced to date, has to be the journey of adoption.  My first 3 children are biologically mine, and my 4th would best be described as UNDENIABLY mine!! So, this post I would like to dedicate to all the amazing birth mothers out there, who have truly given the ultimate gift---not only to families all around the world, but to their children!  Christmas time, 10 years ago, was a very difficult one for our family.  Garrett had been an integral part of our home, for 6 months.  We had all learned which cry meant he was hungry or tired.  Which whine meant, "give me a toy NOW!"  Which squeal meant, "Adam, please make a funny face!"  And, which stretch and hand signal meant, "One of you sweet sisters, pick me up this instance!!"  Yet, Christmas 2002, we were only foster parents to this beautiful brown haired, chocolate- eyed baby boy.  So, the ultimate outcome was unknown.  It was hard to be joyous, appropriately for the season, when I knew, any day, a piece of me could be gone.  The kids were so great!  Ashlyn said, who was 10 years old at the time, and wise beyond her years, "even if this is Garrett's only Christmas with our family, don't you want it to also be the best?!?!"  Needless to say, Garrett never left.  He was adopted a few months later, and was and always will be the same miraculous addition he was, at 5 days old.   So, we never know what life will bring, what new challenges may come our way, or even a family change.  But, every Christmas since, I have tried to make it the very best!  And, by very best, I mean MY very best.  I remember vividly, having just a couple of days to prepare for this sweet baby's arrival.  Friends and neighbors rallied around with clothes, bottles, diapers, formula and even bassinet for this little one too sleep.  Do I make room for the ultimate Son, for whom the carol sings, who also unto ME, was given?   This Christmas, I plan to give my very best to my children.......and to Him!!  For, unto us all.....a Son is given!!

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  1. What a sweet is nice getting to know you and your family better through this blog!