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2013 Hirchak-Weidmer Christmas letter

Christmas 2013

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up 4 very lovely kids.
Some of them have glasses on, like their mother, E’en the youngest one in specs.
Here’s the story, of man named Brian, who was busy in the Public Safety realm.
He had 6 kids, 3 big, 3 little, and lots of food storage.

Deb and Brian, grew up together, same county, church and high school did they go.
School, sports, homework and seminary; great friends so long ago.
Then one spring day, they found each other, and they knew that it was much more than a hunch.
That this group of 12 must somehow form a family; August 8th began the Hirchak-Weidmer Bunch!

We took a trip in June, all of us together, as sort of a trial run, and camped at Lake Tahoe for a week.  We must have all passed the test!! Then, we spent the rest of the summer moving Brian and his 3 youngest kids to Orem.  And, on August 8th, Brian and I were married!  It was a beautiful event, one we will never forget!! 
Half of the garage has been converted into a woodshop.  Brian immediately designed and built a shed, in the backyard, for outdoor and camping equipment.  What was once Garrett’s room is now the Boy’s Bunk House.  And though Debbie enjoyed having a laundry room, after Ashlyn got married, that quickly became Karmen’s room.  And so, after the months of dating, moving and projects that go along with that, we have all been about blending our two little families into one big one------ and it has been so much fun!!
Brian is a Canyon Police Officer for Salt Lake County.  It is a dream job, as he gets to spend his days in the mountains he loves, and get paid for it.  He will often send pictures of the scenery he adores, so that we can all be jealous of the beauty he is surrounded in.  Brian works with the 11 year old Scouts, which is perfect for him.  Garrett is currently in his group and Sean will join them in February.  Brian has been fabulous role model for ALL of the kids, and I will be forever grateful for his love, laughter and guidance in our home. 

We have been blessed with two beautiful blonde daughters, in their early 20’s.  Brenan is very creative and loves to read, write and draw.  Ashlyn is married to Jordan, and they are awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild, a grand-daughter, the beginning of April--- and the whole family can’t wait!!  Both Ashlyn and Jordan are full-time students and great examples of hard work.

Tyler and Adam are 18 years old.  Tyler is a welder and works full-time.  He loves the outdoors, especially climbing, hiking, camping and sailing, just like his dad.  Tyler worked hard this summer to recertify, and proved to us all the importance of hard work.  Adam works full-time at the Mustang Grill.  He has been able to experience many of the different jobs that a restaurant has to offer.  He also works part-time at Hang Time, a popular trampoline facility.  Needless to say, Adam is quite popular among all of the younger kids, and he is kind enough to take them jumping and for a soda, as often as his time allows.  Both Tyler and Adam are great role models and the best big brothers ever.

Cassidee and Amber are both sporty, spunky and super fun!!  They both play basketball in high school.  Amber also plays softball while  Cassidee also plays volleyball and runs track.  They both act like they have known each other forever, and have a blast when we can get them together.  They both fill our home with laughter and love, and are incredibly helpful and fun to be around.  They are always smiling and usually Karmen, is not far behind.

Braden is 13 years old and in the 8th grade.  He loves the outdoors, video games and going to Hang Time with Adam.  He loves family events and ALWAYS wants to sit at the grown up table.  He is a leader and very smart.  He has a huge heart, loves to read and had a blast this summer, at his first go at Scout camp. 

Garrett is 11 years old and in the 6th grade.  Garrett has loved no longer being the youngest!  Garrett always wanted to be a big brother!  Garrett loves music, loves to sing and play any and all sports.  He is often found in the neighborhood surrounded with friends and brothers, organizing a football or baseball game at the park or the church.  Garrett is a great brother, super son, and fabulous friend. 

Sean is 10 years old and in the 5th grade.  Sean is brilliant!  Sean loves to have family meals all around the table and while he has a captive audience, he will tell us about his adventures of the day.  Sean enjoys playing on the computer and video games.  He also loves late night trips to the grocery store with Amber, and having his back tickled. 

Karmen is 9 years old, in the 4th grade and LOVES being the “baby” of the family.  She likes to remind everyone, that someday, she will be the only kid home, and she will get to eat whatever she wants, have the room of her choice, and be in charge of what we watch on TV.  Karmen loves Barbies, arts and crafts and helping Debbie with cooking and chores.  Karmen loves to pray and to leave us all notes of love and inspiration, in special places around the house. 

I am still a full-time student at UVU studying Public and Community Health.  I have 2 more semesters left!!  I still work part-time at the elementary school where Garrett attends.  I love to spend time with the kids, drive them to and from where they need to go, take them on errands, teach them all about Saturday chores, dance with them in the kitchen, and laugh a lot!!  We go through 100 Ziplock baggies, 40 granola bars and 6-8 gallons of milk each week.  I do about 20-25 loads of laundry each week, and do lots of night time “tuck-ins” and “tickles!”  Most of all, I have realized that a Mother heart has no limit!!!  And, that being a wife is just like riding a bike----- it’s something you never forget! 
We have all learned that there are many different ways of doings things.  And, “our way” and “their way”, really don’t matter.  What does matter is what will work best for our family NOW!  And, we have learned not to get upset if someone does not react in the way that we would react, or in a way that we think they should.  We just take each day, each person and each issue, and figure it out together, as if it is something that has happened for the very first time.  Brian and I have learned that after being single parents, we can do anything together!!  And, that step-parenting is really about learning when to STEP-IT-UP and help each other.  When to STEP OUT and allow time for one-on-one time with each of the kids, which is crucial in a large family.  And, we have learned that being a step-parent is really about helping the children use us to STEP UP and STAND a LITTLE TALLER.  It is just another opportunity to make a difference, and change generations for the better, one child at a time!

We know that, just as Heavenly Father blessed Mary and Joseph, that first Christmas night, He will bless us as we look to Him.   We know that He has brought our families together for a reason.  And, that within the walls of our home, something truly holy is taking place.  We are grateful for His love and guidance.  And, we know that He has and will continue to place shepherds and wise men and women in our lives, as we seek Him.  Heroes are those who are willing to give up something now, for something better later, in order to lift, love and rescue.  We are thankful for the many heroes in our lives, like each of you.  We will be forever grateful for your love and support.  Merry Christmas!!

Love, Brian and Debbie and kids 

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