Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Season

As the holiday season approaches, I find myself trying to make it through finals, and get to the holiday concerts and events, while running out of time for anything else.   The other night, I laid awake, and the chill of all that I have not had time or resources to do was paralyzing.  Struggling to invite the light back into the night, I pondered some of those present, that first Christmas night.  And, as I pondered, I could see a little bit of myself in each of them.  The shepherds, full of faith, as they secured flocks and went in haste(quickly) to see the Christ child.  The magi, who were so wise.  They saw the star when others did not.  They knew the purpose of the star.  They had courage to follow the star, as they knew it would lead them to the holiest of scenes.  Then, they desired to bring gifts, the very finest as a symbol of gratitude and honor for the holy child.  And so it was, their knowledge, courage and offerings that led them to the baby Savior, that first Christmas night.  The Innkeeper, just plain out of rooms.  Perhaps, he was just too busy to feel the sacredness of what was about to take place?  Maybe he did feel something, and so wanted to help, and the stable was all he had to offer?  Joseph and Mary, a young couple who experienced the ultimate Family Change of their time---- find they are expecting a child, but in a way they had never dreamed of.  Joseph is quietly courageous and provides and raises this son as his own.  Mary responds, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord.."  Handmaid by Him.  She trusts that if He has chosen to divinely and precisely place this child in her home, that He will provide a way.  I am sure she knew that it would not be easy.  And as the days unfold, she is great with child on the back of a donkey.  Delivers in a stable.  Persecution mounts and many seek the life of her son.  And finally, more Family Change, she must bid farewell to her child, for a time, clinging to her testimony that she will see Him again.   As I lay in my bed that night, tears began to flow.  I could not help but think about my family of Christmas past.  I soon realized that though my family may not have come to be in the way that I dreamed of, I knew without a doubt that my little son we adopted, my six sweet step-children, and my three biological children have ALL been divinely and precisely placed in my home.  And, He who has placed them there will help me love them and teach them!  No matter how challenging and difficult at times, I realized that I am also one of his Handmaid, we all are.  And though, Families Change, He will provide a way, and the lessons we learn from the Nativity are key, in order to have His divine help.

We must be as the shepherds and constantly secure our flocks with quality family time and go to Him often, in haste.  We must be as wise as the magi,
and follow His lead, and bring our gifts to Him of gratitude, honor and dedication. We have to learn from the Innkeeper to always have room in our lives and in our hearts for Him.  I must have Him in my heart, if I want Him to be in the hearts of my children and be the heart of my home.  The Christmas season is not a season of presents----but a season of His presence.  And, as we reach out to those in need, may we give His presences in our lives as our gifts---- that is the magic of the season.  It is in reaching out with our hands, our means and our time in order to help our families and neighbors reach up to Him, whom we celebrate this Christmas season.  I know that Baby Savior, that first Christmas night, was divinely and precisely placed in the arms of His earthly parents, who then laid Him in a manger.  I know that my family was divinely and precisely placed in my arms, in my home and in my heart, by those same loving arms.  And, I will forever treasure the sweet lessons I have learned from this season.  And, though I know it is not always easy, I know where my strength lies..... and I will go to Him often, in haste, for I, too, was handmaid of Him.  This I know without a doubt.  I will forever be grateful for this gift of the Season.

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