Saturday, November 17, 2012

Families Change----Welcome Jordan!!

2012 has definitely been a year of Family Change! Divorce was final in January. Our sweet friend Britt, who had spent countless hours in our home, left on a mission to Argentina in April, then, in June, Ashlyn annouced she was getting married! Then, on August 22nd, I received one of the greatest gifts I could ever imagine.......a son-in-law who was truly sent from heaven!! He is fun, courageous, determined, kind-yet-firm, oh so smart, charming, he adores my daughter and is is remarkable example, brother and friend to us all!! We absolutely adore Jordan's family, which is yet, another blessing!!! I always say, you can count how many blessings you DO have, or count how many you don't ------the only difference is ATTITUDE!! 2012 has been a remarkable year!!! Rather than pondering the end of one family, as we all knew it--- we celebrate the beginning of the Jordan and Ashlyn Gardner family!!! Love you Jordan!! Love 2012.