Friday, November 23, 2012

Living--not just surviving!!

What an memorable Thanksgiving!!!  I was able to spend the holiday with some of the most amazing women in my life (my mom is taking the picture---she is of course, the most amazing of all!!).  Families Change, and as the holidays approach, they change too.  This was a scary thought to me, when I found myself a single mother.  I was afraid of what the holidays would bring, or not bring.    If this journey of single parenthood has taught me one thing, it is that it's not about surviving----it's about living!  And, so with the dawning of each new day, and holiday, I ask myself, "What will I make of  TODAY, for myself, for my kids and for those around me?"  So, Thanksgiving 2012 was spent with the Gardner family.  They have not only taken Ashlyn into their family, but they have taken in us all!!  We have all found great friendships within this amazing family!!  Was it odd to not have my boys for Thanksgiving?  Of course it was!  But, rather than focus on the emptiness, I trusted that my Heavenly Father is in the details, and once again, the miracle occurred!  The emptiness was quickly filled with the love and kindness of others.  It's not about surviving---- it's about living!!  And I also know that He lives!!!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you had a happy Thanksgiving! Love you!