Sunday, January 6, 2013

Formula for a Great Day!

Part of my Saturday routine, usually involves getting to the grocery store. Yesterday, I went while my kids stayed home and watched a movie. It was 10 minutes of pure relaxation---- to not worry about who wanted to drive, who wanted to sit by whom and what song to listen to. So yesterday, I drove myself, I chose the song, I decided how high to set the heat, and I even chose how far back to adjust my seat, as no one was sitting behind me. By the time I reached my destination, I was relaxed, feeling pretty awesome, and pretty focused on ME!! I entered the store and began to wonder and scan every isle. After 45 minutes, my basket was piled high! I got in line, divided my purchases from the person in front of me and began to unload my cart------my favorite cereal, my favorite crackers, my favorite Veggie Straws, my favorite juice, a couple of t-shirts just for me. A hoodie on sale just my size. And, even a video, I thought I might enjoy, that night. Then, I received a call from my kids regarding a situation that needed my attention. My mother heart began to race, as I knew I needed to hurry home and "clock in"! I have always said that a formula for a great day includes something for my family, something for myself and something for someone else----. So, I quickly decided my shopping cart should reflect such priorities. I put back MY favorites and replaced them with OUR favorites. Kept the mini-bags of chips that would thrill the kids as they opened their lunch sacks Monday morning. I took out  the "wants" and replaced them with "needs". I kept the gift for my cute son-in-law and the vitamin supplement for myself.  I have to admit, it was scary to realize how fast I could lose sight of what was really important.  I think Satan LOVES it when we think only of ourselves, and he shutters when we cater to the needs of others and our families-----as he is alone and wants us to be the same.  As Families Change, so do our day-to-day priorities.  Sometimes we need to be willing to give up the life we had planned----for the life that is waiting for us!!  I have always enjoyed taking  time for myself, who doesn't, but the balance of taking time for yourself, your family and others truly is a formula for success!!!  Those Veggie Straws never tasted so good, knowing that I had things for the whole family and a secret surprise for my adorable son-in-law, for a job well-done!!  So, on those days when you're not sure how it will all come to pass-------how the laundry will get done, kids homework, everyone to practice, fix and clean-up dinner------ double your recipe and drop off dinner for a neighbor, call a friend while you fold, or write a note to someone while you wait for kids to come out of practice.......and pinky-promise, you will find, miraculously, what needed to get done did!!  Parenthood, truly was divninely designed for two, but when you are doing it alone, there is nothing better than being His hands while you raise His children!! 


  1. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of three great goals for each day!

  2. Well done, Debbie! I think as moms we all go through those moments of wanting to do things just for us, then we realize that serving and being with our families is what brings the most happiness!