Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals & Hand-me-downs

Did you know that hand-me-downs and goals have a lot in common?  Both are perfect, just a size too big and easy to grow into!  And both, goals and hand-me-downs have seen us through some pretty hard times and helped us, as a family, not only make it, but look great while we are doing it!!! This week, I have been working on setting up the new calendars for the coming year.  Adding in games, practices, performances, appointments and all the many obligations and opportunities that fill each month.   It is easy to look at each day and feel overwhelmed or inferior.  However, this year, as I gazed at my blank calendar, I realized that each day is merely another opportunity to get it right----a second chance.  Each day a challenge to smile at those you wait in line with, in a waiting room with or pass in the halls or pick up for a carpool.  Each blank day an opportunity to lighten someone's load-----then the miracle takes place and your own is easier to bear.  Each blank day is simply the chance to make difference!!  With a new year, the air is buzzing with new resolutions, diets, grand plans for the future.  But, remember the hand-me-downs-----my 10 year old son would not look great in man's coat.  No, not yet, but someday.  For now, a size too big, to grow into, is just perfect!!  And, don't let obstacles get in your way of making each day what you want it to be.  Obstacles are just those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  Peter was totally walking on the water towards the Savior.  He was doing it!!  Then, he looked down at the tempest seas below his feet---- he took his eyes off his goal---he doubted, lost faith and sank!!!  Inspiration can come from others, but determination comes from deep within ourselves.  Determination cannot be given or taken---only discovered----- then used as a spring-board to grow into our goals, perfectly chosen just a size too big. We impose our own limitations and often set ourselves up for failure before we even get started.  So, rather than impose limitations on yourself with self-doubt, lack of confidence or past failures----just KNOW your limitations then DEFY them!!!  Families Change, challenges come, trails we will experience, but tough times never last forever-----but tough people do!!!

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