Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stay Strong

Lessons I have learned from the basketball court!  My daughter played a hard game.  They were ahead through the 3rd quarter.  Then, in the 4th quarter, the other team caught up, tied the game, and ultimately ended up winning.   From the bleachers, it looked like the other team just really pulled out all the stops and were making their shots.  However, when I asked my daughter about it, she said, "Mom, we just didn't Stay Strong!"  They came out ready to win, armed with skill, played really well, and fatigue took over, and in the final quarter, they lost the game.  As Famililes Change, I have realized that this is an important lesson to take from the court .  After the funeral, divorce, wedding or farewell or Change of any sort, if we want to win,  we need to Stay Strong.   Lesson 2: It's better to pass the ball to someone on your own team!  Know who your support network is---- and use them!!  Especially when you are feeling weak and need to make it through the 4th quarter!! Lesson 3: Every play does not work in every game.  Know a variety plays!   After any Family Change, the team you are playing on is different with different challenges and obligations.  So, what worked one day, may not work the next.  You need a variety of "plays" to make it through.  Lesson 4: Music pumps up the team before each game.  The players shoot, run, pass and practice to music to get their heads in the game and their skills ready to play.  I play music everyday!!  It definitely motivates, inspires, comforts and even teaches me, so that my skills are ready to take on whatever the day may bring.  On this post is a song by Hilary Weeks.  Her music has moved me to action many times!  Her music has kept my "head in the game" and for tha,t I will be forever grateful.  The song I chose for this post sums up much of my journey through divorce, and reminds me that any Family Change or "mountain in middle of our road", is no excuse for failure and definitely not a reason to give up---- its the "price we pay" to see a view that can only be seen, by "keeping our heads in the game!"  Lesson 5: The final score is not always the most important part of the game or life.  Rather, learning from the experiences of the "game", that led to that ulimate score, is. And Staying Strong for the next game, the next challenge, and the next change.  For, LOSS = CHANGE = GROWTH.  And that's the "Beautiful" that can be found it every "Heartbreak"!! STAY STRONG!!!.........and enjoy the song!

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