Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Leave a Legacy

We are leaving a legacy, everyday, like it or not!  A young boy, at the elementary school I work at, suffered a heart attack during a soccer game, last week.  This incredible event not only has left him, 11 years old, in a comatose state, but has created great cause for a school and community family to come together.  Garrett, my 10 year old has spent the last few nights asking many questions.  "Why does someone's heart stop?"  "Is he in pain?"  "Will he remember being in the hospital?"........and the list goes on.  This could be any of us......our son, our family, our community, our heart!  We never know what exactly, the future holds.  None of us have a guaranteed "tomorrow", however, if you are reading this post,  "today" is all yours!  What kind of legacy will you leave today?  A legacy of love?  A legacy of service?  A legacy of kindness?  A legacy of tension?  A legacy of, "in a minute"? A legacy of "maybe tomorrow."  Since this event, I have encouraged my kids and myself to be a little kinder, work a little harder and be a little better.   As I woke up this morning, I asked myself, "What legacy will I leave today?"  So, I wrapped up little prize, put a bow on it, and added a note of encouragement.  I slipped the prize into my backpack and headed to school.  I had no idea who this prize was for, but asked prayerfully, that I be guided.  I found the perfect friend, in day one, of class.  We chatted, talked about school and family.  Then, I pulled out my Legacy of Love--- the wrapped prize, just for her!  I don't know if she even cared about its' contents, but the look on her face, as I revealed it, was enough to make me want to "give" everyday!!  So, we have today, all are not so lucky.  What will we do with it?  Who will we touch?  How will we make others feel?  Will those we love KNOW as we SHOW---- by our words and our deeds? ----------------
 What Legacy will we Leave, TODAY?

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  1. I read about that boy on KSL--I hope that somehow he will recover. What a good message--(and a lucky lady to have crossed paths with you.)